For more than twenty years I have been blessed with pastors who have taught me much about God’s Word, the Bible, and have been able to spend many hours in reading my Bible and in prayer, leading to a deeper relationship with God, and ever growing understanding of His love expressed not only in the pages of the Bible, but also in the life of Jesus Christ and in the lives of His faithful followers, both past and present.

As I come to the Bible aware of the questions that I have heard and read from others, and have had myself, I frequently find the answers to those very questions. Each time I read through this precious gift that God has given us, I notice truths and relationships that are new to me, but of course have always been there.

My prayer is that in sharing some of these precious truths found in the Bible, God’s Love Notes to us, that you will be encouraged in seeking Him, and that we learn together to walk closer to Him day by day.


Sue Regan